YL Go :

Young Living’s “Amazon Prime”

Here’s yet another amazing perk for those on Essential Rewards. It’s like Prime…but better.

Amazon never rewards me 25% in $ back when I make my health a priority. They don’t gift me free oils I need. AND…they charge $99/year if I want their free shipping.

Since being on ER is a no-brainer for me, so is YL Go.

I now get super fast priority shipping. Super low cost overnight shipping if needed, and above all - it’s totally hassle-free. Whether I’m ordering 4 glass bottles of NingXia or just one bottle of oil - it’s all covered.

YL GO!.png

Why I Subscribed to YL Go

Typical me, I had to think about it for a while. I was a little skeptical about “paying up front,” so even though everyone else was raving about it, I waited a few months to even look into it.

But then, I added up my shipping from last year. Even though I had often chosen the slower shipping method, my total cost was still double the cost of the subscription fee for YL Go!

I actually decided to go with the YL Go+ option, which includes not just 13 months of free shipping but free shipping for 24 quick orders too!! That’s insane!! I’m definitely getting all the bang for my buck.

The Results are In

Since I subscribed to YL Go+, in these first 2 months, I’ve placed:

  • My 2 ER orders

  • An emergency order for a friend

  • A Black Friday sale quick order

  • A quick order cashing in a ton of ER points for free stuff (free order+free shipping=FREE!!!)

That’s 5 orders that would have cost me a minimum of $38 for (slow) shipping. And I still have credits for 11 more ER orders and 21 quick orders, should I ever need them.

PLUS - rather than taking around 7 days to arrive, all my orders arrived within 3-4 days!! Even with the holiday rush!! Some of my orders arrived faster than my Amazon Prime orders I had coming in.

Overnight? No problem!

If you or a friend or relative ever has an emergency need, no worries. No need to wait for your order or to go to the health food store to pinch-hit. With YL Go you can just pay $10 for overnight shipping … (mic drop). Not even Amazon can compete with that!!!

Needless to say - I’m in love. Just wanted to share. :)