So ... what's the Starter Kit?

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The Premium Starter Kit

I agree - it sounds like a promo gig.  Which is why for two whole years I put off buying it. I'm not into fads, I'm not into buying stuff that's not 100% practical, and I definitely did not think I had any cash to spare.  So I told myself I'd "beat the system" and buy an oil at retail cost from YL here and there, and stockpile all other oils from the health food store at a really low price.

(Boy was I wrong. You get what you pay for, that's for sure...the storebought oils yielded no results worth calling home about.)

It's called a starter kit for a reason.  I hadn't really known how to start using oils before joining YL with this kit,  though I had plenty of other essential oils in my cabinet for years.  

I figured it was the best option financially, since it is half off the regular price if you were to buy each item individually.

What's in it?

It contains 12 of the most versatile, most commonly used multi-tasking oils that Young Living sells, and a powerful aromatic diffuser (with a warranty!) for spreading the ultra-fine mist of oils through the air. 

As a bonus, 3 spray bottles’ worth of Thieves toxin-free cleaner, and a Thieves hand purifier are thrown in there too. 

It's $165. It's the best deal you will find for this quality of oils.

You also get a wholesale membership (24% discount!!) for free by buying the kit for anything else you ever need to by (more lavender, supplements, more Thieves cleaner, etc.). Think Costco for quality and great prices, but minus the yearly renewal fee! Doesn't get any better than that.

The kit contains:

  • Lavender

  • Lemon

  • Peppermint

  • Frankincense (WHAT! This stuff was more valuable than gold for good reason, and it's in the kit!)

  • Di-Gize

  • Thieves

  • Raven

  • Citrus Fresh

  • Peace & Calming

  • StressAway

  • Valor

  • PanAway

  • Ultrasonic Diffuser

  • Thieves Cleaner Concentrate sample

  • Thieves Hand Purifier

  • Wholesale Membership

It's amazing. This visual gives a very, very short summary of the hundreds of uses for your Starter Kit.


Here's LITERALLY one hundred ways I use Young Living oils, most of which include the Starter Kit oils!

Don't worry - you've got a hand-holder (if you want one) on this oil journey!   Last I checked, Costco doesn't give you access to free resources, classes, and one-on-one wellness consulting as part of their wholesale membership...but my team does!

Who You Enroll with Matters!

If you want to hit the easy button and have an entire toolbox of 12, "do-all" oils at your fingertips, I will personally walk you through the whole process at whatever pace works best for you.  Besides your starter kit and wholesale membership, I will give you:

  • Help with recipes, ideas, and advice navigating the wide world of oils and wellness

  • A welcome package with roller balls and other essential tools

  • A booklet on how to start using your kit

  • A one-week beginner's course using the most helpful resources I've found for problem-solving with essential oils

And even better - I'll plug you in to my unbelievably helpful community of local oil users who have hundreds of years of combined successful, mind-blowing health experiences with these drops of goodness. It's changed my life - no exaggeration.

Call or email me at, or click here to get started.