My New Target: Toxin-Free Living

Guys. I'm serious... I don't waste money or time in these aisles any more. And I know my body is happier for it.

You might be thinking, "How can you afford to just go totally green? Toxic stuff is cheaper!"  Oh, my dear friend. Since when has our health care system (let's be honest... sick-care system) ever been affordable? The little toxic choices all add up to a hefty price tag after a few years go by.

If you want to take toxin-eliminating and self-care seriously, but are worried about the costs, then Essential Rewards is your easy button.

The Power of Transferring that Dollar

If you already love your oils, and you love the idea of getting rid of toxic stuff, then transfer-buying is the way to go, and on Essential Rewards you'll get rewarded for doing it!

Instead of buying dryer sheets (don't let the snuggly bear fool you - they score an F on their safety rating), buy a bottle of Lavender, Lemongrass, or Purification and make your own from 100% natural ingredients!

Instead of buying your 409, Windex, and Stain Remover at Target, spend that $ on a bottle of Thieves Household Cleaner Concentrate that will last forever, and do the job without incurring debt in your immune system, respiratory system, and endocrine system.

Side note: we talk about so many DIY solutions that are safe and economical in my Toxin-Free Cleaning classes. It's really not as complicated as you think to ditch and switch to natural alternatives!

When I started realizing that more toxins in my home = the more I’d end up “paying later”, I never looked back!  Asthma, arthritis, eczema, liver toxicity,  kidney failure, reproductive problems, and all the other hundreds of "inconvenient" maladies that research shows are incurred by these "convenient" products just weren't my cup of tea.


But might I say, this Thieves cleaner basically is my cup of tea. It's literally the Thieves I put in my tea. Plus a few plant-based, non-toxic cleaning agents of course, that do nearly everything in my house when it comes to the cleaning arena.

What Can I Get in my Essential Rewards Order?

If you jump on Essential Rewards, then you can make your own monthly package of 50PV (about $50) and customize it each month.  WHATEVER you want from their site, be it oils, or oil-infused supplements, or even toxin-free makeup - that works.

Totally customize your order to whatever you need - as long as it’s above 50pv (usually=$50). Getting free oils happens with 100pv orders.

If your goal is getting toxins OUT of your home & supporting your body well, here are some examples of orders I make regularly:


When you join Essential Rewards, you get lower shipping, 10% back your first 3 months (and 20% your 4th-24th months!), as well as the opportunities to get free monthly promo oils if your order is 100PV or more. You can change your auto-ship monthly order every single month to get whatever you need, be it oils, skin care, makeup, or cleaning products. Click here for more info on the program.

Getting rewarded for making healthy choices by getting free oils, plus more $$ back to spend on healthy choices just makes sense to me. It's been such a fun year of ditching and switching, and my health has never been better!